#BeOmvested with Omvestments – Mindful Global Investing.

Impact Investing, Social Entrepreneurship, Conscious Capital – many terms for similar ideas about putting funds to work with people that have big ideas about making a difference.

We fit in the spectrum of Impact Investing that we like to call Omvesting.  Being mindful about the people we work with and the impact their work will create.  But we want to also be profit minded – and seek comparable returns to other venture investments with similar risk profiles.

We begin with the endpoint – the point of impact – we want high impact entrepreneurs who seek profit and can articulate the social good with their product or service.

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Four Things – Observations from Recent Travel

The idea of Omvestments turned 1 in March.  It’s been a learning experience for me and a process of continuing to find the best path to #impact.  I’ve been on a trekking experience in Nepal the last two weeks and four  things come to mind from my time in the Annapurna area and generally in Nepal as it relates to the Impact.

1)  China.  While we fret about Obama Care, government gridlock and even events in Russia and the Ukraine – China is building its economic “imperialism” both in Southeast Asia and beyond.  They are proving that you don’t have to fight wars or take over other countries.  They are doing the important work of securing resources and trading partners that will be needed in the future, especially in Southeast Asia where they will get future supply assurance and closer economic relationships in the region.  A good article and book reference appears in the April 4 Wall St. Journal – China Runs Into Natural-Resources Pushback http://on.wsj.com/1gTM1FE

2)  Women and Girls. Empowering women and girls is an important impact issue and needs more visibility.  Many good people focusing on this, but when you see what’s happening and what’s possible for yourself – it makes much more sense.  Progress is being made, I don’t have the answer – I get it now.

3)  Global Mobile.  I’ve been to some very remote areas in the last two weeks – minimal clean water and sanitation, no internet connectivity as we might think of it, mid-19th century farming and “logistics” practices even – but almost everyone has a cell phone.  It’s a lifeline – and they are nearly ubiquitous.

4)  The fourth relates to Nepal – but I’m keeping that to myself for now.

Good to be back online, not so much back in hustle of daily life.  #BeOmvested

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